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About Us

We are the team of many experts for your business equipments service & Maintenance.

Every business requires service and Maintenance, and every service requires an expert team to create an extraordinary service with superior functions to assist it in reaching its superior health.

  • We have the newest technology tools to help your business succeed.
  • We provide low cost and high performing platform assets to support the growth of your firm.
  • In addition to counselling our customers on how to create sustainable business changes and helping them manage their reputation when it comes to the environment, we assess and find mitigation of environmental and community hazards.Our teams of professionals work on both a local and regional scale, allowing us to comprehend the effects of the UAE region's approach to planning and the related legislation needs. .


We are prepared to provide you with a variety of services, as shown below, to help you build your business. We are prepared to assist you in resolving company management issues via the use of technology.


Excavators, Graders, Loaders, Skid Loader, Crawler Loaders, Backhoe, Bulldozers, Trenchers repairing & Maintenance


Tippers, Dumbers, Trailers, Tankers service & Maintenance


Crane, Conveyors, Hoists, Forklifts repairing & Maintenance


Concrete Mixture, Compactors, Pavers, Road Rollers repairing & Maintenance


Road Headers, Tunnel Boring Machines repairing & Maintenance


All type of machinery and equipments also covered by us

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Please get in touch with our team if you need assistance with anything else or if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns concerning technology. We are excited to upgrade our level of customer service.

Company Vision

to preserve stability and accomplish regulated expansion, as well as to have a clear understanding of our position in the market. To develop a positive workplace culture and individual fulfilment via teamwork for the benefit of the business and its clients.

Independent designers, architects, planners, engineers, environmental experts, and technical professionals make up Nanosoft Marine, which provides a wide range of expert services.

Our work represents our pride, and we make it our top priority to produce useful yet affordable solutions crafted to satisfy your engineering needs and surpass your project expectations.

We are devoted to the sustainability of the neighbourhoods, the companies we deal with, and the environments where we live and work.

To achieve personal and community progress while providing quality services through loyal relationships, clear communication, and innovative solutions in our special working environment.

Nanosoft Marine's engineering Services.

Civil & Structural Engineering

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Geotechnical Engineering & Feasibility Studies

Conceptual & Detail Design

Construction Management

Water and Wastewater Engineering

Technical Services

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